Creative Writer

The Creative Writer software is the most powerful embroidery lettering and editing package on the market. It offers ultimate control to those companies that may need to add embroidered lettering to a design, make major edits or fine tune a design for production purposes.

Manipulate Lettering

As well as containing over 150 Satin/Ceeding stitch fonts, it also allows access to any True Type fonts that you may have loaded on your system. The Point edit tool allows the user to modify their lettering and outlines. When this tool is employed in conjunction with the Insert Image feature the possibilities are endless.

Reorder Stitching

The high level editing tools included with this package mean that it is very easy to construct new designs using elements from existing designs. The unique Replace tool allows an area to be selected and then replaced with alternative stitching.

Replace Stitches

Modifications and adjustments to a design can now be dealt with in-house resulting in a faster and more cost effective solution to design problems.

This is just a small selection of what is available in the Creative Writer software. Contact your dealer for further information.