Embroidered Badge

The Innovator software is the ideal level for those embroidery companies that wish to bring the design creation process in-house. It enables an original artwork to be translated into an embroidery design and stitched on an embroidery machine within a relatively short space of time.

The complete flexibility of the software means that alterations and amendments can be made to a design either during the digitising process or afterwards. Many automatic features for example bordering tools and reflect tools are available, enabling designs to be created from even the poorest artwork.

Auto Reflect makes creating symmetrical shapes simple and accurate, just digitise one side of a shape and this tool will automatically mirror the other side.

Object Reflect automatically copies and mirrors an object.



The Emblems tool is another important aid when digitising designs, it contains a library of over 90 shapes, shields and scrolls which can be used on their own or with borders.

Embroidery costings


The Costings feature is included in all Digitising and Editing levels. It automatically calculates how long a design will take to embroider on a specific machine, the cost per run, the cost per garment and even how much thread will be required. An invaluable tool for all embroiderers.

Embroidery software

Step Cut Away

A particularly useful tool that cuts away any un-necessary fill stitches that may be covered by another area of stitching. This can improve the quality of a design and lower the final stitch count.

Stitch patterns

Stitch Patterns

With 180 different Fill, Satin and Running stitch patterns available, it is possible to bring creativity to your designs.


Offers ultimate design viewing via a filmstrip, Snapshot shows various frames of the design in the sequence it will be stitched. It is possible to re-order a design by just dragging and dropping frames into the desired order.

This is just a small selection of what is available in the Innovator software. Contact your dealer for further information.