Embroidery software

Announcing Version 16

Product Launch

The latest Version 16 of the ApS-Ethos suite of Embroidery Software is now being launched following intense testing at our in-house design department for a number of months. Version 16 was demonstrated at the Printwear and Promotion Exhibition in the UK during February 2016 and is currently being distributed throughout the rest of Europe and the world. There are many innovative new features as well as enhancements to existing tools. A new Satin Width option has been added that allows irregular or un-even width satin bars to be automatically set to a new consistent width. The new Running Stitch Text tool allows the user to automatically type out and generate Running Stitch lettering. The Layers tool is another new feature that makes editing designs even easier. The existing Emblems option has also be enhanced with the addition of a Blends category, ideal for use on those designs which need a blended fill/graduated effect. For digitising users there is also a powerful Badge Maker tool, this allows a selected badge shape and design to be set up and repeated within the dimensions of a chosen embroidery frame. There is also Freehand digitising tool available for those wanting to create artistic projects. Version 16 also includes an additional 8 Satin stitch fonts. The large selection of 227 Satin Stitch fonts includes the specially adapted Small Font variations which have been modified for particularly small text. Other new features in Version 16 include the updates to the following thread databases:

  1. Cotty
  2. Filaine
  3. Poly
  4. Sulky
  5. Madeira Poly Neon
  6. Isamet
  7. Isacord

For further information regarding the latest version of the ApS-Ethos software, please contact your local dealer.