Virtuoso Plus

Embroidery Software

The Virtuoso Plus

Digitising software is the complete Embroidery package. It caters for those customers who need to produce a large number of designs quickly, while also allowing original and innovative effects to be incorporated within designs. The Virtuoso Plus equips the user with a wide variety of ready made stitch effect patterns while also offering the necessary tools to create unique, unlimited stitch patterns/styles and the ability to create new font styles.

Advanced Stitch effect

Stitch Creation

Imagine a stitch pattern and create it. Simply draw the motif you require and assign it to a stitch type.

Advanced Stitch Effect Settings

Virtuoso Plus gives you complete control of all the stitch settings. You can adjust and modify all the controls of a stitch effect from the density used through to the settings used on any underlay stitching. It is also possible to assign specialised techniques e.g. curve fill, graduated fill, random edge satin stitch etc.

Vector & Image Conversion

Vector files or image files may be converted to embroidery using the Vector and Image Conversion tools.

Vector files may be sent directly from Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator into the Ethos software and then converted into embroidery.

Vector Conversion

Font Creation

Also included in the Virtuoso Plus module is the ability to create your own embroidery fonts and add them to the existing 150+ available.


The ApS-Ethos 'Branching' technique means that designs can be created rapidly as the software will automatically calculate the most efficient route around a series of 'branched' sections. When using the Branching tool designs can become highly efficient in the way they are stitched. Alternatively the Make Embroidery Object tool can be used.

Make Embroidery Object

This tool merges individual items into one object that can then be stitched very efficiently, removing any un-necessary thread trims, jumps stitches etc.

The multitude of powerful tools available in the Virtuoso Plus software ensure it is an enormous asset to any production environment or design department/college wanting to produce high quality and innovative embroidery designs.