Writer Embroidery Software

Embroidered Lettering

Embroidery lettering

The huge library of over 150 Satin/Ceeding stitch fonts ensures the majority of lettering styles are covered. A unique preview facility also exists so that when text is typed it can automatically be previewed in a variety of styles making matching to an existing artwork easier. Lettering may be simply positioned along any path.

Set Base Fabric

Set Base Fabric

Our innovative Set Base Fabric tool will adjust the stitching of any automatic text to suit the fabric it will be embroidered on. This ensures the quality of the lettering is outstanding on any fabric. Default settings can be used or you can create your own.

Expand Satin

Expand Satin

The Expand Satin tool is invaluable if you have ever have problems with embroidered lettering looking too thin with untidy edges. This tool enables you to thicken lettering quickly and easily.

Sticthes to outlines

Stitches to Outlines

This powerful tool enables you to rescale and alter the density and underlay of your designs.

Shadow Text

Creating a shadow on lettering could not be easier. Simply select the lettering and apply the Add Shadow feature.

Shadow Lettering

This is just a small selection of what is available in the Writer software. Contact your dealer for further information.