Embroidery software

Announcing Version 18

Product Launch

The Ethos suite of embroidery software has been in development for 25+ years and during that time our aim has been to create a range of software that is simple to use yet extremely powerful. The Ethos software is available in various levels ranging from the full design and digitising Virtuoso Plus, through to the Writer lettering & editing software or the Organiser design storage system.
All of the Ethos levels are fully modular and can be upgraded as your business requirements grow.
Version 18 is the latest development of the Ethos software and includes numerous innovative text features including, inserting Symbols, various new font styles and a 'Quick Font' tool that enables edited characters to be stored in a Quick Font that can then be used again within the design.
Version 18 is currently undergoing testing by our Beta testers and our own in-house design studio. Final adjustments are currently being made and the latest Version 18 will be released to UK customers during July 2018.
For further information regarding the Ethos software and Version Updates etc. please contact your local dealer.