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The Organiser embroidery software is the ideal choice for any business that wants to organise their design storage. It has a comprehensive MS Access compatible database, which allows archiving by Design, Customer, Category, Date, and Folder. The Browser database can be shared over a network to allow easy design storage, transfer and monitoring through a company.

Embroidery database

A Palette Manager tool is also incorporated which enables an embroidery design to be stored in specific thread shades and also in alternative colour ways. The Organiser also includes various print layouts which are useful when printing instruction sheets etc.

Embroidery Thread Database

The powerful Costings feature allows a company to monitor the stitching duration of each design as well as calculating how much thread will be needed. If other costs are factored in it is also possible to calculate the cost to produce the design in terms of both materials and time.

Embroidery Costings

Embroidery Designs can be imported and exported using any of the major industrial machine formats. Networking to embroidery machines is also possible with this level of software.